We offer estimates either over the phone or we can come to your home for a free estimate.  We recommend the free estimate, that way we can see your areas of concern and you’ll know exactly how much the job will cost. Estimates over the phone are close, but we don’t know how much furniture needs to be moved and whether stains, gum, or animal treatment will be needed.

Once we arrive at your home we’ll begin by moving furniture if needed. We recommend that all pets be put away from the areas that are being cleaned, we don’t want your pets escaping through the entry doors that are ajar to accommodate the cleaning hoses.  We start by pre-treating the stains and main traffic areas. All wood or metal furniture will be placed on either blocks or plastic tabs, the finish on wood will stick to wet carpet and metal may rust. Carpet dry time is approximately 2-4 hours, furniture dry time 2 hours. Adding ScothGuard may extend your dry time.

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